16 Aug

Internet behaviour

What should we know about the behavior of Internet users?

What is the behavior of Internet users? What Do They Do Online? Answers to these questions are needed for all companies and agencies that use the Internet as a channel for advertising, sales, PR and communication, because it can help us a lot to analyze our target group and make the right decisions about the channels of communication that we need to include them in our online marketing mix. So before starting your online campaign, we need to consider the following:

Internet users are dynamic

People spend a large part of their time on the Internet every day – use social networks (often more than one), read news and content on a topic of interest (often the topics vary depending on the period in which a given person or his interests are at the moment – travel, food, sports, music, politics, news, everyday events, etc.), watch videos (or upload videos, but the tab is not active and do not see it at any moment, but use it as a source of music) , checking the email you etc etc. That’s why the many misconceptions are the type of “my clients are on Facebook” or “My clients are on Site X” or “My clients would not visit the site with such content”. The truth is that your users are ANYWHERE. More or less in certain places, but still everywhere and are very dynamic. Therefore, you should try to analyze their behavior and plan your activities so as to include your potential customers as many places as possible with the more appropriate communication.

Internet users are on Facebook, but not all

Macedonia is distinguished by high internet penetration – 68.5% of the population uses the Internet (according to internetworldstats.com), which means that about 1 440 000 Macedonians use the Internet. On the other hand, Facebook’s data show that about 1 000 000 Macedonians have registered on the social network. Which means there is a 1/3 difference in the number of people using the Internet and those who have a Facebook profile. Therefore, “Facebook” is not a synonym for “Internet”. Of course, this social network must be present and pay close attention to building a digital marketing strategy, but it should not be the only communication channel and the only basis on which you will base your business online.

Internet users explore in detail

Who does not know about Google, who did not hear about it. There it starts and ends everything. The most visited site in the world (and in Macedonia). The source we expect to give all answers and without which no research and no decision passes. No matter how much you invest in online advertising, you can not be sure that you will “hit” the users at the moment they need your products or services. Did you happen to read or notice ads on a particular product on Facebook or on a web site, but you do not have time to browse or it’s simply not a moment in which you would buy something from what is being offered. But time passes and there comes a moment in which you need such a product or service. And what are you doing then? You’re looking at Google with the hope that the results will find exactly that company with the offer you’ve seen. And if Google’s name appears on Google’s results, you immediately recognize it and quickly decide to click and find out more about it. But if the same company is not in the results, and you need a certain product / service – then you choose another company and thus earns your competitor. It is therefore imperative that you have a well-optimized site for Google and it is advisable to advertise in Google Search. In this way, you will ensure that you are present in the first results of the search engine and you will not lose clients for which you have already invested previously and have tried to reach them with an advertisement.

Internet users are impatient

Time is a resource that is important to all. Nobody wants to wait in modern society. Especially nobody wants to wait online. Since we are accustomed to the Internet, it happens quickly, we save time and help things to happen more easily. Therefore, Internet users are sensitive to the time they spend and expect when they visit a particular web site to load it quickly, it is easy to use and quickly find what they need. If their expectations are not fulfilled, only one one follows – exiting the site. So pay attention to your web site – check for how much time is loaded and whether it is optimized for different devices (desktop, tablets, mobile devices). A delay of only 1 second when loading a particular site can reduce its conversions by 7%, and 40% of Internet users would close a particular web site if its loading takes more than 3 seconds. So keep in mind – seconds are in question to lose

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