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I want to advertise online! What should I know?

I want to advertise on the Internet! What should I know? 

With the increasing use of the Internet, digital advertising has turned into a compulsory part of the marketing mix of large companies and brands in the world, as well as in Macedonia. Often this is the only way to reach out to users who are not accustomed to following classic media channels (television, radio, messengers, etc.). On the other hand, advertising on the Internet is available and anyone can start an ad on a particular social or advertising network. But Internet advertising has its own specificities and if you are not familiar with it, you risk spending money without getting a result. Especially this applies to small businesses that do not have their own marketing managers and expert people, to plan and analyze their digital activities. That’s why we will list the most important things that everyone who wants to advertise on the Internet should know.

Advertising on the Internet is NOT so simple 

Indeed, access to different platforms and advertising networks is free – there’s no need to look for different offers, to conduct complicated communication with media representatives, etc. But once you create your own account, you will need to know the answers to many questions – what options the appropriate network offers, what ads allows, to what and how big a target group can reach, what is the principle of refund and most importantly – how can they track and analyze the results. So before starting an ad (even a trial with a minimum budget), read more about the opportunities offered by the appropriate network and analyze how it can help your business specifically.

Bad landing page = failed ad campaign 

Very often small businesses are interested in advertising on the Internet and they carry out various activities, just because they have heard that they are effective and work for someone else. But in order for you to have a successful online advertising, you need to build the complete infrastructure needed for that – to have good ads, to choose the right place to place, to choose the audience you are going to display, and finally to bringing these users to the ultimate point where they can review or buy your product. That endpoint may be your web site or landing page where the advertised offer is explained in greater detail. In some cases, you could use your Facebook fan page as a landing page, but be aware that it can not replace its own web site.

Advertising on Facebook is NOT universally effective for all 

Facebook has turned into a factor in the life of the modern man and thanks to him, the business has access to a large number of active users. But it’s important to know that Facebook is not the universal recipe for a successful digital campaign. Facebook users are most often available for relaxed and fun communication. Therefore, if you sell a wardrobe, jewelry, perfumes, trips or the like, you have a great chance of success. But if you sell financial products for example, you will need extraordinary creativity and more trial campaigns to make you have success on Facebook.

Use more digital channels for greater effect 

Most small businesses have a strictly limited advertising budget, but with the right strategy you have more opportunities to build a successful digital strategy. The basic steps you need to spend to be successful online are as follows:

Create your own web site 

Make sure Google optimization and the presence of Google Maps 

Create a Facebook, Instagram and / or Linked In page and update regularly

Create a database of users who agree to receive advertisements from you (via email, Facebook or other channel) 

And do not forget – the Internet is the most important thing to be creative and even fun. Prepare your digital activities carefully, but also enjoy communication with your users. They will definitely appreciate it 

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